Traveling with Pets: Quality Pet Travel Products

The number of households with pets has risen drastically. In the US alone, 68% of all households own at least one pet. Similarly, pet owners spend billions of dollars each year on pet products. Everything from pet food to accessories such as crates, bedding, and toys.

One increasingly popular area of pet care is the pet travel industry. The number of people who travel with their pets has increased of the last few years. While just 19% of pet owners used to take their pets on travel in 2008, that percentage increased to 37% by 2018. This number will only go up in the future. 

The Trials Of Traveling With Pets

Traveling with pets is not easy. It is like traveling with a toddler in most cases. Aside from the cost of transportation, the challenge is making your pets behave during the actual commute. Be it on a bus, a car, or an airplane, you never know how your pet will react.

Some pets are easy to travel with than others because you can place them in a crate and transport them with a carriage. Cats and dogs, in particular, can be a handful especially if your pet does not do well around strangers. 

Tantrums, anxiety, and problems will occur unless you prepare yourself well for the journey ahead. You need quality pet travel products to help you through the trials of traveling with a pet. 

Quality Pet Travel Products

Many pet travel products available can make your life easier. Here are the top five that are absolute must-haves:

  1. A Reasonably-Sized Pet Carrier Or Crate

A pet carrier is indispensable, especially if you are traveling on an airplane. Airlines only allow cats and small dogs, such as pug puppies. Make sure you get a pet carrier that is good quality so it is durable. Investing in a good brand is a smart idea since it will last a long time. 

Another important thing to remember when buying a pet carrier is the size. It should be spacious enough to allow your pet to stay inside comfortably for extended periods, but not too big either. At the same time, it should be compact enough to make carrying it around easy.

One pro tip is to let your pet sit get used to the pet carrier for some time a few days before traveling. This way your pet will get used to being inside the carrier and it will be a familiar environment when you have to travel. 

If your pet feels more comfortable inside a crate, then get that instead of the carrier. For more tips, check out our article on crate training your dog for travel.

  1. Travel-Friendly Food Bowls

Your pet will naturally get hungry during the travel. Normal food bowls are very bulky and hard to carry. This is why buying one designed for traveling is a good idea. 

You can get high-quality bowls that are collapsible making them easy to carry. You can pull them out when your pet is hungry and place the food inside. Once your pet is done eating you can clean the bowl with a wet wipe and store it away conveniently. 

The collapsible feature makes the food bowls easy to bring with you when traveling. It is always a hassle to pack and carry luggage so travel-friendly food bowls make the experience a whole lot easier. 

  1. Disposable Bags And Wet Wipes

Speaking of feeding your pet during travel, you are bound to deal with your pet wanting to relieve himself or herself. Not only for longer journeys but short ones as well. It is best to be prepared at all times. 

Keep small plastic bags with you, which can be disposed of off once you have used them. The same goes for a packet of wet wipes. These will come in handy to not only clean and pick your pet’s poo but also clean any spillage in general. 

For extra measure try to keep a small bottle of spray handy so you can get rid of any bad smells quickly. There are quite a few different odor reducing sprays on the market, many which you can find in your general store or pet shop.

  1. An Emergency Kit

Despite all your efforts and planning, unplanned for event can still happen while traveling. Your pet may get hurt or become sick. So, technically a first aid kit is not one product, but an essential while traveling.

You can make the emergency kit yourself. Get a compact storage box and fill it up with bandages, ointment, alcohol swabs, and basic medicines for pain relief. If your pet has a specific condition be sure to keep their medication. Alternately you can buy one from one of many stores which sell ready made kits.

  1. Your Pet’s Toys

While taking care of the basics needs like food, drink and comfort are important, it’s also essential to make sure your pet is kept occupied and doesn’t get bored. Pet toys are perfect for this and not only keep your pet engaged, they also relieve the stress of traveling by providing a distraction. Distracting your pet with toys during the journey is the best way to keep them from misbehaving.

Your pet may already have tons of toys at home; however, you may need to get new ones for traveling. Most toys make sounds or are simply too big. You cannot have pet toys that are noisy or hard to carry when traveling. Buy a few toys that your pet likes and keep them specifically for when you travel. 

Enjoying The Ride

Pets are accustomed to their environment and their routines, which is why they may find it difficult when travelling, particular is they haven’t all that often. In uncertain and stressful times, they will seek our leadership and support. How you conduct yourself and handle situations will enable your pet to overcome the fear of traveling.

All in all, don’t be discouraged to travel with your pet! They are your most loyal companions and there are many products out their to help you with traveling with your pets; medication to make them sleepy or less anxious or toys to keep them occupied. Enjoy the ride and make the journey a bonding experience! 


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