Top 10 Dog Friendly Cities in the World: A Pet Parent’s Guide

Leaving your dog behind at home while traveling is heartbreaking for both you and your pet – wouldn’t it be amazing to explore dream destinations with them by your side? Luckily, there are some amazing dog-friendly cities in the world that are equipped to show you and your dog a good time. Let’s explore ten of the best dog friendly cities in the world that call out to every pup’s inner explorer!

1. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv in Israel has one of the highest human-to-dog ratios in the world. Every 17th person in Tel Aviv is a dog owner. This clearly says a lot about this city’s affinity for dogs and dog culture – they even hold a special dog festival called ‘Kelaviv’ each August, to honor and celebrate dogs.

Dog-Friendly Attractions 

Alma Beach 

Catch a lovely sunset with your dog at Alma Beach in Tel Aviv, Israel. While you sunbathe, your pooch can enjoy some much-needed splashes along with other dogs, who are likely to be inviting and friendly to the new canine ‘tourist’.

Hayarkon Park 

Open to tourists and dogs all year round, the Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv has designated lawn spots for your dog to run around. Bring your dog along and spend a relaxing afternoon watching your dog play, and perhaps catch an inspiring musical performance in the evening.

Dog-Friendly Cafes 

Zorik Café

This cafe is nestled in the greener parts of northern Tel Aviv and it’s known for its delicious coffee and wholesome breakfast spreads. It’s got a massive outdoor patio with ample space for you and your dog to relax in. 

Dog-Friendly Hotels 

Tel Aviv has an abundance of pet-friendly hotels like the Atlas Boutique Hotels, Brown Hotels, and Hotel Saul – if anything, you’ll be spoiled for choice in this city. These properties are posh and dog-friendly, with dog-friendly beaches just a short walk away. 

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Amsterdam is hands down one of the most dog-friendly places in the world, fusing its unique charm with accessibility for our four-legged friends. You’ll often find small breeds peeking out from bicycle baskets, as tourists hop onto the city’s famous canal cruises along with their dogs.

Dog-Friendly Attractions 


Vondelpark is the largest dog park in Amsterdam. If you want to run, walk, or jog with your dog, Vondelpark is for you. With wooden paths for four-legged adventures and delectable cafes for a quick bite, Vondelpark checks all the boxes for a perfect day outdoors.

Amsterdam Canal Cruise 

Amsterdam is famous for its canal cruises and boat adventures. If you’re traveling there with your dog, rest assured that your furry friend can join you on your boat ride, and enjoy taking in centuries of Dutch history along with you.

Dog-Friendly Cafes 

Drover’s Dog

Drover’s Dog in Amsterdam takes reservations for dogs. That’s right. If you’re planning to head over there for some cocktails and lunch, be sure to book your table outdoors.

Coffee Bru 

Coffee Bru welcomes dogs with arms wide open. Catch a table outdoors and your pet could keep you company as you spend hours trying out different varieties of brews. 

Dog-Friendly Hotels 

Max Brown Hotel Museum Square 

Amsterdam’s list of dog-friendly hotels is pretty extensive. Max Brown Hotel is one such property and offers five different locations – with one just a stone’s throw away from Vondelpark.

Volendam Home Stay 

If you’re exploring Amsterdam with your dog, check into Volendam Home Stay. It’s got ample space for your dog with a massive garden and a large verandah, so even larger dogs can enjoy a comfortable stay during your tour. 

3. Toronto, Canada 

Dog-friendliness is at the heart of Toronto’s culture. Picturesque and modern, Toronto is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the world. You’ll find dog-friendly patios and neighborhoods all over the place, with a large variety of parks and hotels for you and your pup to explore.

Dog-Friendly Attractions 

It’s A Spa Date  

For some TLC, book your pup an appointment at the Spaw Boutique – a unique salon designed just for pets! Their staff comes specially trained to ensure that your pet has a safe, relaxing, and absolutely unforgettable experience.

Aqua Adventures 

If you’ve got a water-friendly dog, Toronto’s Algonquin Park allows you to go canoeing,  swimming, and hiking with your dog, in the great Canadian outdoors. Just 3 hours away from the city, this popular getaway is the perfect place to be if you’re looking to explore nature and enjoy a relaxing swim with your furry friend.

Life’s A Beach

Clean, dog-friendly, and a favorite amongst locals for close to a century – Toronto’s Cherry Beach is an amazing place for you and your dog to soak up the sun and to play catch, and wade in the calm, serene waters of Lake Ontario.

Dog-Friendly Cafes 

Tom & Sawyer

I’m sure you’ve been to a dog-friendly cafe – but how about one that has its own special canine menu? Tom & Sawyer offers great eats and beverages for humans, but also vet-approved healthy chow for cats and dogs – the latter of whom can enjoy a spread of five different meals designed just for them!

The Black Lab Brewing 

While most restaurants that sell food don’t permit dogs inside, Toronto’s hip and happening breweries surely do. At the Black Lab Brewing, all the craft beers are named after canine catchphrases like ‘sitting pretty’, ‘underdog oat’, and ‘kennel sour.’ The name, of course, comes from the founders’ trusty black Labrador, named Snoopy – you can find him printed on all their homebrewed ale bottles!

Dog-Friendly Hotels 

Four Seasons, Toronto

While the hotel certainly oozes class and top-grade hospitality, they take it even further for canine guests – offering complimentary treats on arrival, and an in-house pet spa.

They even offer a dog-sitting service, if you need some time off!

4. Geneva, Switzerland

Tucked in between the Swiss Alps and the Jura Mountains, Geneva is one of the most dog-friendly cities in Europe, with a big open heart for dogs and their humans. 

From dog-friendly Geneva Cruises to reserved window seats at restaurants, expect true dog hospitality at this dream destination.

Dog-Friendly Attractions

Lake Geneva 

Holidaying with your dog at Lake Geneva is a memorable experience. Take a long walk around the Lake Shore Path with your dog and shop for treats from Paws for Treats. You can even rent a paddleboard and explore the lake’s serene waters with your pup!

Plaine de Plainpalais

This charming open area is home to several pop-up markets and cultural events – it even features a skate park! While the area allows your dog to walk around without a leash, consider restraining them near the skate park to avoid any possible accidents. This guide shows you how to teach your dog to behave in a park.

Dog-Friendly Cafes 

Oakfire Pizza

Fulfilling that pizza craving with your dog at Geneva’s Oakfire Pizza. This eatery has an extensive menu that will uplift your mood. 

Sopra Bistro 

Intimate and cozy, this bistro in Geneva is known for its spectacular American-style meat dishes – paired with the best of local Swiss ingredients. If you’re with your dog, get yourselves a sidewalk table and enjoy the Main Street vibe. 

Dog-Friendly Hotels 

Grand Geneva Resort 

Spoil your dog rotten with personalized bedding and delicious treats at the Grand Geneva Resort. This resort has ample space for your dog to move around as and when he or she pleases. 

Maxwell Mansion 

The Maxwell Mansion has a sophisticated yet historical touch to it. It’s got a pool, a cognac lounge, and rustic, massive pet-friendly rooms at an additional charge. 

5. Portland, USA

Portland is one of North America’s most eco-friendly cities – and this attitude shines through when looking at how dog-friendly its people are. The city is home to over 33 dog parks spanning across 10,000 acres of lush green spaces – if your dog enjoys exploring nature, this might be a great place to take them.

Dog-Friendly Attractions 

Fernhill Park 

This park offers off-leash action and a splendid time spent outdoors. Located in a quiet and low traffic area, it’s got 4 acres of open ground that allows for a lot of playtime and fun – without straying too far away from the city.

Portland International Raceway

This area becomes a makeshift dog park when there isn’t any car racing going on. The trails here are rustic, rugged, and muddy. Just remember to not go on race day – these events are incredibly noisy and can be disturbing to a dog’s sensitive ears.

Dog-Friendly Cafes 

Portland’s Food Carts 

Food carts and pods are at the forefront of Portland’s cafe culture. These food carts sell the yummiest delicacies and are invariably covered with fire pits placed around for warmth.

Tin Shed 

There is never an off-season for Tin Shed in Portland and it serves dogs of all sizes, shapes, and breeds. Tin Shed even offers you an exclusive doggy menu filled with delicious treats – and even a special dog-friendly ice cream!

Lucky Labrador 

This is Portland’s OG dog-friendly brewery. Designed with covered patios, Lucky Lab is known for its ‘yappy’ hour and Dogtoberfest events

Dog-Friendly Hotels 

Hotel Monaco 

When it comes to Canine hospitality, Hotel Monaco is the best in the business. Upon arrival, pets are formally and officially greeted by a Director of Pet Relations. Choose from a menu of bowls, beds, and food items to amp up your dog’s holiday. 

Jupiter Hotel 

This dog-friendly hotel in Portland is budget-friendly and upscale, offering you and your pooch the best of both worlds. Located around lively bars, breweries, and fun cafes, staying at Jupiter works out wonderfully. 

6. Barcelona, Spain

Whether you’re at a Tapas bar or a traditional Spanish restaurant, you will find dogs hanging out with their humans no matter where you go in this city. The openness and warmth with which people greet you and your dog in Barcelona makes all the difference – expect your pooch to get a lot of attention as you explore together!

Dog-Friendly Attractions 

Llevant Beach

Kick off your pooch’s holiday with some fun dips in the ocean at the Llevant beach in Barcelona. 

Park Güell 

Studded with dog-friendly playpens, snack shops, and Antoni Gaudi’s vibrant craftworks, this massive dog park in Barcelona lures several pets and pet parents each year. 

Dog-Friendly Cafes 

Dog Bakeries 

At Mister Guau Center or Pèls amb Gràcia, expect to find a variety of freshly baked dog biscuits, peanut butter treats, dog cakes, and more. 

Dog Café BCN

The staff at this cafe dotes on dogs and will do anything to make your dog feel pampered. It’s got ample space both indoors and outdoors and it serves the best snacks. 

Dog-Friendly Hotels 

Hotel Barcelona Catedral

Located in proximity to the Gothic Quarter of the city, this hotel takes in two pets per room, with pets under 15kg getting to stay for free. The hotel even allows you to leave your pet behind, provided that they’re well-behaved, quiet, and that your concierge knows in advance.

Hotel Villa Emilia

A chic stay located in the iconic Eixample district, this hotel offers pet-friendly rooms and is also close to the nearby Hill of Montjuic – a great walking spot for you and your pup. You can even request pet beds for your room, to let your pooch sleep in comfort at the end of a long day of sightseeing.

7. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne has a soft spot for dogs, thanks to which it is by far one of the most dog-friendly cities in Australia. Offering the perfect setting for an idyllic escape with your dog, Melbourne is filled with dog parks, waterfalls, beautiful camping grounds, and more. 

Dog-Friendly Attractions 

Picnic Adventures 

Melbourne’s Gourmet Pawprints is a dog-friendly tour featuring a guided walking tour of all the local dog-friendly parks. Pack a picnic basket full of your dog’s favorite edibles and board ‘Bella’, the Dog Welcoming Bus for a delightful trip around town. 

Camp Out 

The outskirts of Melbourne are home to stellar camping grounds for dogs. For an offbeat experience, pitch up a tent at Lake Elizabeth or Shoreline Drive, and enjoy a night away from the city bustle with your pooch.

Dog-Friendly Cafes 

Dog House 

This cafe in Melbourne has dedicated areas for dogs and their human companions. This dog cafe serves raw food delights, and they also have a pawtastic store full of dog accessories and treats. 

The Jolly Miller Cafe 

This cafe is centered around making dogs feel special and loved. It features an exquisite doggy menu highlighting doughnuts, doggy quiches, and puppuccinos just for your pup! 

Dog-Friendly Hotels 

Best Western Melbourne City 

This is Melbourne’s first-ever pet-friendly hotel. It’s got a large and airy courtyard where you can leave your dogs off the leash, and dedicated rooms for guests with canine companions.

View Melbourne 

This boutique stay pushes dog-friendliness up a notch by offering pet parents a ‘Pooch Package’ that comes with doggy goodies like treats, bowls, plush beds, souvenirs, and disposable dog bags. 

8. Rome, Italy 

Fondly titled the Eternal City, Rome is famous for its architecture, cuisine, and dog culture. With plenty of paw-inspiring eateries and hotels to choose from, Rome must feature on your ‘travel with my dog’ bucket list. 

Dog-Friendly Attractions

Lake Bracciano 

Perfect for long walks off the leash, amidst nature’s many treats, Lake Bracciano is a great place to visit, dog in tow. With the beach nearby, let your dog enjoy some refreshing splashes while you soak up some sunshine.

The Appia Antica Park 

Nestled in the middle of Rome, this park is the perfect picnic destination. Surrounded by nature and Rome’s historical vibe, this park is designed for dogs to relax and walk around with their guard down.  

Dog-Friendly Cafes 


Catering to travelers and backpackers from around the world, Trapizzino is budget-friendly and dog-friendly. Dig into your pizza and get your pooch a portion of their sumptuous meatballs. 

The Rooftop at Atlante Star Hotel 

Overlooking the gorgeous sights of Vatican City, this Rooftop Garden & Bar offers the best ambient setting for both you and your dog. Ask for customized snacks to please your pooch’s palette while you sip on the tastiest cocktails ever! 

Dog-Friendly Hotels 

Atlante Garden Hotel

If you’re looking for absolute luxury in the very heart of Rome, the rooms here are spacious, comfortable, and will host your dog at no additional charge. Want to take a walk down to Vatican City? It’s just two blocks away!

A Casa Boschi Guest House

Looking for a more cozy and humble experience? Book yourselves a room at this charming bed-and-breakfast, which offers plenty of space for dogs to stroll around in. The hosts here are wonderful and the staff loves dogs!

9. Seattle, USA

It’s definitely a dog’s world in Seattle, USA. Ranked as one of the most dog friendly cities in the world, Seattle is loaded with outdoor activities for you and your dog to indulge in. Seattle offers a sense of ease and comfort that allows both you and your dog to stay connected and be part of each other’s experiences. Isn’t this the best part about being in a dog-friendly city? 

Dog-Friendly Attractions 

Washington Park Arboretum 

Packed with the most click-worthy picnic spots, this park boasts a never-ending collection of hiking trails and walking tours across 230 acres of lush gardens. 

House of Ruff

The ultimate playpen for dogs, the Ruff Lounge helps your dog socialize with other dogs. Typically set up indoors, this place is the best way to keep your dog engaged in rainy Seattle weather. 

Dog-Friendly Cafes  

Bark! Espresso

Seattle is the coffee capital of the world – so it wouldn’t be surprising to find a spot where dogs too could enjoy an authentic cafe experience! Not only will you find dog-friendly seating and private rooms, you can even get a barista to form your puppy’s face in your latte!

Le Pichet

A quaint, charming French cafe, you can enjoy some delicious eats here with your dog – the staff are friendly and will make sure that your companion gets to quench their thirst while you eat up.

Dog-Friendly Hotels 

Thompson Seattle

Open to pets of all sizes at no additional fee, the Thompson offers a courtyard for your dog to socialize and hang out – plus welcome treats! They even allow you to keep your dog in your room while you explore the city – provided that they don’t disturb other guests.

Kimpton Hotel Monaco Seattle

Another great pet-friendly stay, the Kimpton offers designated pet-friendly floors, no extra fee for pets, and even offers treats, food bowls, pet beds, and litter boxes on request.

10. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the dog capital of the world. From sightseeing expeditions to unique dog hostels, Berlin has a lot to offer to travelers and their dogs.

Dog-Friendly Attractions 

Ayers Creek Adventures  

Have you ever taken your dog kayaking? At Ayers Creek, go on a fun-filled yet thrilling eco-tour on a canoe or a kayak. Keep your friend leashed and you’re good to go. 

Hainerberg Dog Park 

This popular dog park is massive – allowing dogs of various sizes and temperaments have enough room to play around comfortably. Besides serving as a doggy playground, it also features a bicycle ramp, tons of shade, bench seating, and more. 

Dog-Friendly Cafes  

Oslo Kaffebar 

The people of this establishment have the sweetest way of showing how much they care for dogs. With biscuits and water bowls placed everywhere, this dog cafe is a total stress buster for any traveling canine.

Göttlich Essen & Trinken

Known for its delicious coffee and classy atmosphere, this elegant dog-friendly cafe in Berlin is an absolute all-rounder, with several repeat customers showing up each morning.

Dog-Friendly Hotels 

Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin

This dog-friendly hotel oozes charm and elegance. It offers great pet amenities and pets of all sizes are welcome. 

Hotel Berlin

Hotel Berlin offers you and your pets a king-size suite without charging you a pet fee. Great for families and large groups, the rooms here have outdoor space that hosts your dog comfortably. 

Bottom Line 

This is our list of the most dog friendly cities in the world. Pack your bags, bowls, and bones – it’s time to take a memorable trip with your dog! 

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Paul Andrews

Paul specializes in digital marketing and has helped many small businesses grow. But that's not his only expertise - he is an experienced dog parent and avid animal lover. Through this blog, he reaches out to and guides pet owners on various crucial aspects of pet parenting.

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