The Essential Pet Sitter Checklist

Taking our pets wherever we go sounds exciting, but sometimes it is better to leave them at home. If you are traveling for work, going on a date, or flying abroad, it is near impossible for you to accompany your furry friend.

So, it’s in your and your pet’s best interest to leave them at home. It may be hard for you to leave your pet behind, which is why a house & pet sitter will come to your rescue!

In order to remain stress-free while you are away and to run things smoothly, you need to hire the best pet sitter possible. They must know every detail regarding your pet, such as their favorite food, routine, grooming needs, etc. so that both pet and pet sitter can live happily whilst your gone.

Here, we have given an ultimate pet sitter checklist to get the best experience.

Introduce The Sitter

It is crucial to get your sitter acquainted with your pet beforehand. Make arrangements so that both can meet in advance and get to know each other. If both get along well and are already starting to bon, your on the right track. If not, then you’ll need to look for more candidates.

An Essential Information Hub

Your pet sitter is going to be in deep waters if he doesn’t know everything about your pet. Every pet is unique and even if you have chosen the perfect pet sitter, you’ll still need to make they have the essential information to keep all things running smoothly.

This is why is is essential that you gather every information about your pet and compile it in a folder for your pet sitter. If there is something urgent, they will reach out to this enriched resource instead of calling you again and again to get more information.

Your information hub must include;

  • Your contact numbers
  • Vet’s contact information
  • Emergency numbers
  • Pet’s medication, if applicable
  • Pet’s insurance details, if applicable
  • Pet’s microchip details, if possible
  • Pet’s medical history, focusing on any health concern
  • Pet’s daily care routine, including feeding, outing, exercise, grooming, training, etc.

Your pet sitter must know also who else he can contact if you are not reachable, such as a friend, family member, or a neighbor. Moreover, if your pet gets sick or injured, your pet sitter must know the contact number of a 24/7 emergency vet clinic near your home.

Focus On Pet’s Needs

It is good that you have created an information hub, but some details need to be communicated verbally. Talk about the personality of your pet, his likes, and dislikes, favorite food, toys, games, etc.

It is your responsibility to instruct your sitter/s, such as avoiding taking pets out for a walk during peak hours (if they have social problems), things that your pet fears, and any tips or trick that your sitter can use to make a friendly bond with your furry companion.

As an example, if you pet sitter will be caring for your pet dog or dogs, make sure you inform them if there are any people or other dogs that can make the pooch aggressive.

If there is something about the health of your pet to talk about, mention every detail of it so that your sitter does not worry unnecessarily. For instance, puppy hiccups are normal, either because of swallowing extra air or due to over-excitement. So, if your furry baby gets frequent hiccups, tell your sitter about it so that he does not make a mountain out of a molehill.

Prepare Your House, Pet & Pet Sitter

Before going away, make sure your home is ready to survive without your supervision. First of all, close off all the toxic items and tools that your pet should not use and inform your sitter about these off-limit areas in your home.

Sharp tools must be stored away from the reach of your pet. The last thing you want is to rush back home after getting a call from your sitter.

Cleaning supplies such as paper towels and enzymatic cleaners will be handy to your sitter, so make sure you inform your sitter of where they are kept. Otherwise, your sitter will end up rummaging through cabinets to find a stain removal or an old rag.

Show you sitter around your Home

Besides informing about where everything is placed, your sitter must know some general information about your house. It’s a good idea to ask your sitter to come early so that they can properly see your home and get familiar with it.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt you inform your neighbors or landlord that someone is staying at your house for a while. That way they can keep an extra eye on things and inform you if they notice any concerning or suspicion behavior.

Moreover, your pet sitter must know how to get along with your appliances.

For instance:

  • How to control the air conditioner or a heater
  • Where to get extra toiletries
  • How to lock the door and security code, if applicable
  • Clean linens for sleeping

Stock Up Pet’s Necessities

While packing things up for your trip, make sure your home is also stocked with the things your pet will need in the next few days.

For instance, his favorite food, treat, and toys are sufficient, his grooming tools are available, and his medication and daily supplements are in the required amount. Make sure these essentials are kept where your sitter can easily find and use them.

Have A Backup Plan

If you are going away for a longer period, make sure you have a backup plan: as in someone other than the sitter to handle an unexpected situation.

In most cases, you won’t require a backup, but you never know what could happen in your absence; a car accident or a storm. You could use a neighbor, friend or a family member as a backup.


Having a cute furry friend by your side is the most exciting part of your life. You want to be with him all the time, but unfortunately, it is not practical.

There are many occasions when you can’t keep them with you. But leaving them behind is also very stressful. So, the best way to keep your pet safe and secure is by hiring an experienced pet sitter.

Including as much pet-related information in your pet sitter checklist as possible will be beneficial both for you and your sitter. Cats and dogs can promptly sense when their owner is away, so ask your pet sitter to continue with their routine so that they do not get anxious.

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