Signs That a Stray Cat Likes You

Stray cats tend to hang around people who feed them. Some people might start feeding a stray cat and think it is a sign that the cat likes them when it is just hungry for food.

Cats can be friendly and enjoy human company. However, not all cats that wander into your yard or home are tame.

If you want to know whether the stray cat likes you or not, here are some signs:

  • Stray cats will often follow the person around and might even rub up against their legs.
  • A female stray cat, during mating season, may rub her head on the person’s feet or legs before running off.
  • If you take a stray cat home as your companion, you will soon find that they will be sitting next to you at all times, waiting for food and stroking your face with their paws.
  • The cat will come close to you when you sit down on the ground or offer food.
  • The cat will growl at you if they don’t like you.
  • If the stray cat creeps up on top of your feet while they are resting and purring (they may even give a head pat), it’s a good indication that they like you!

Furthermore, when a cat is curious and wants to explore, it will likely stay away from you. But when they like you, they will move closer and inspect what’s going on. If it’s looking right at your face, even better! The next time you’re outside, keep an eye out for stray cats walking around – if one starts approaching and doesn’t turn away after a few steps in your direction, this is a good indicator that it’s going be your new friend.

What Does the Behaviour of a Stray Cat Mean?

Generally, stray cats are shy, so they are not always easy to approach, but they will let you know if they like you. Some cats will come up and rub against you (known as head bunting), while others may just let out a loud purr or have a friendly set of eyes on them.

You can usually tell if a cat likes you by observing their actions and behaviours. Happy cats will generally stick around for longer periods when your company is present, meow more often than usual, and sometimes roll around in front of you as if to say “look at me!”

In general, a cat that likes you will be more social.

  • They might rub themselves against your leg or the leg of furniture.
  • Their tail will be up and they’ll have a happy look on their face.

So, when you notice these things in a cat, it’s likely they are happy with your company!

The most important thing to know is that if you notice these signs in a stray cat and the behaviour is becoming consistent, then it’s likely that the animal does enjoy spending time with you.

Cats tend to show more affection towards people with similar characteristics. The way they behave when they like you is complicated and not just a one-way street. They will let you know how they feel about you through their actions.

It has been shown that cats are more likely to want to be around people who smell like other cats because it triggers the scent marking instincts in the animal.

How Do I Approach a Stray Cat?

A stray cat is often a lost or abandoned pet. The best way to approach an outdoor cat is to make sure that you are not too fast. Cats can sense the presence of humans and will react by running off. You should also ensure that you are not wearing any clothes with fragrances and avoid loud noises, such as clapping your hands.

The first thing you should do when approaching a stray cat is try to call it softly and calmly. If the cat runs away, try and go in pursuit of it slowly, but don’t corner the animal. Try walking around the area to find it again – cats are often scared by moving objects so try rotating around an object like a lamp post if you’re having trouble locating them.

Here are some things that you should know about stray cats:

  • They can be very scared or even violent when they’re being approached.
  • If you want to tame a stray cat, start by approaching them slowly and making friends with them by feeding them until they trust you.
  • Always wear gloves if you want to pick up a stray kitten or a pregnant cat because the smell of your hands can scare them away.
  • I would never approach a stray cat if it’s in pain or is holding back any medical problems. I will assess if the cat wants to be approached by me and act accordingly.
  • If the cat doesn’t want to be approached, then I will try to get its attention by making eye contact with it. I would continue to do so until the cat notices me and then take a few steps towards it while keeping a reasonable distance. If possible, offer the cat some food like treats or canned food by pushing them toward him/her with a spoon or your fingers.

What To Do If You Found a Stray Cat

We should not assume that the animal is lost, but rather make sure they are not injured. Keep them in a place where they can be observed.

People often notice animals in the wild and want to help them, but be aware of the following:

  • Stray cats may carry diseases or parasites with them
  • Stray cats can be dangerous, especially if they too scared to move.

So, what should you do if you find a stray cat in your neighborhood?

This depends on how the cat is acting towards you. If the cat is friendly and in no way aggressive. You could try luring the cat into crate and taking it to the vets to check for a microchip. There are also a number of rescue organizations out there who may be able to help.

However, if the cat is aggressive don’t try to pick it up. You have no idea what kind of diseases it might have or how safe it is to approach the animal. There is also a chance that the cat will scratch or bite you.

The best thing to do in this case is to get in touch with an animal control officer or rescue organization to help with this situation.


In conclusion, these are the signs that a stray cat may like you.

If they are very friendly and approach you happily, this can be one sign that the cat likes you. But if it is aggressive in nature, this would not be one of the signs that their love for you would be mutual. It’s important to keep your distance from the cat until you know what its temperament is like.

Written by Andrei Tulbure
Owner of Plava designs where you can discover personalised art & designs like custom portraits, pet portraits, caricatures and more.

I'm an avid pet and animal lover that's always willing to share tips and ideas with other pet owners.

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