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Zoo Studio is a pet photography and portrait specialist that has been in operation since 2006. Our focus is on providing high-quality, professional photography services for animals, specifically dogs, cats and birds.
Our studio is specifically designed to meet the needs of pets, providing a comfortable and distraction-free environment that is temperature controlled. The studio is also 100% secure and available for use day or night, rain or shine.
The studio environment enables us to create beautiful, well-lit images that Zoo Studio is known for. Photography is all about “painting with light”, by working in the studio environment we are able to manipulate the light and create the perfect conditions for capturing stunning images of your pets.
Not every photographer has the skills and expertise to capture great images of pets, but our team is Pet-Savvy and able to create a connection with your furry friend, and translate that into beautiful, timeless portraits. We take pride in our ability to consistently capture brilliant photos of pets through our understanding and insight of pets.



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