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Dogue Country Retreat is a luxury dog retreat located in Berrima, New South Wales, Australia. We offer a variety of services for dogs including exercise, play time in a fenced yard, individual bedrooms, massage, yoga, meditation, health checks, and grooming.

Our retreat is suitable for small to medium sized dogs (15 kgs or under) and located on a 100-acre vineyard in the Southern Highlands, providing a beautiful and exclusive alternative to dog boarding kennels. At DOGUE Country Retreat, the focus is on providing a happy, healthy, and stress-free experience for each guest, with socialization being a key factor in the happiness of dogs.

Pet owners can trust that their dogs will be in a relaxing, fun, and safe environment during their stay. In addition to the full day care facilities, which include a daily walk and organized play activities, daily grooming, and daily health checks, guests can also access additional services such as a full wash and clip by a professionally trained groomer, therapeutic massage, tailored weight loss programs, and nutritional and wellness consultations.



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