Planning a Stay at a Pet Friendly Hotel


Are you planning to travel with your fur baby? Here are some helpful tips on planning a successful hotel stay with your pup.

Know your dog

Before you start planning for travels, you need work out your pup and his or her needs and traits. For example, does your dog struggle to walk up stairs, does your dog tend to bark at people and get anxious in certain situations such as going in elevators or loud noises. After asking yourself such questions you will be able determine the type of accommodation that is best suited. For example, if your dog is unable to walk upstairs or dislikes elevators, then it may be best to get a room on ground floor level.

Make sure it is pet friendly

Unfortunately things on the internet don’t always reflect the most up to date information, so do go the extra length and double check that the hotel is pet friendly. Whether you prefer to make contact via email, phone or an enquiry form is entirely up to you, however it is always good to have something in writing, just in case.

Book a Pet Friendly Room

Many hotels may claim to be pet friendly, however that doesn’t mean that all rooms are available to pet owners and their pups. It is rare that a hotel will offer all rooms as pet friendly. In general there are only a few rooms that are pet friendly. Most of the time these rooms will be on ground level, so that owners have easy access to it the designated pet toilet areas. However some hotel will allows small dogs above ground level.

You should also make sure to check whether the hotel only accepts pet friendly room bookings directly, as some do not accept online bookings or bookings via third part sites. Some hotels may also require you to get preapproval before you bring your pet or book a room.

Be informed about the pet policy

Being informed and knowing the pet policy is extremely important as this may ultimately affect your decision on whether or not the hotel is right for you and your fur baby. Hotels will have rules and conditions on the size of dogs hotels as well as rules on what your pet can and can’t do. As a general rule, dogs are required to be leashed in all commons areas inside and outside of the hotel. Most hotels will outline any rules and conditions including whether dogs are allowed to be left unattended, whether they are allowed on furniture and beds, whether they are allowed in certain areas of the building, any fees that may apply to not following the rules e.g. Make sure you review the pet policy clearly and be prepared to sign it when you check in.

Note: When searching our pet friendly accommodation listing, you can select options such as “Can pets be left unattended”.

Check the pet fees

The amount of pet fee you need to pay will vary between hotels. Some hotels charge on a per night per pet basis whilst some may charge per accommodation unit. In general, you should plan for about $25 – $50 per night. Considering that fees vary, it is worth doing your research and comparing hotels to suit your budget. Also make sure to double check the pet fees with the hotel directly, as they may change from time to time.

Note: When searching our pet friendly accommodation listings, you can filter accommodation with and without a pet fee.

Packing and Preparation

Although some hotels may provide pet bowls and beds, it is always a good idea to bring your own as your dog is already used to them and familiar with their smells. As it is a new/strange environment for them, filled with new noises and smells, using your pups usual food/water bowls as well as familiar bed and blankets will provide extra comfort and help them settle in to their new surrounding. A favorite toy will also work a treat! Check out our handy guide Packing For Travel With Your Pooch and know be informed on what you need to pack for your pet travels.


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