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Thousand Steps Beach is the rock and sand beneath the cliff-top houses near East Mesa, Santa Barbara. It takes a long flight of stairs to get to the beach. Originally built in 1923, the concrete staircase appears to have 1,000 steps, but it’s actually closer to 150. The point where you land on the beach is just a short walk from Shoreline Park Beach. The beaches along this coast aren’t known for sunbathing, but they’re a great spot to explore tide pools and beach walks at low tide, unless the beach is all wet at high tide. If you go far enough west you will reach another long flight of stairs at Mesa Lane Beach. Thousand Steps Beach is at the end of Santa Cruz Boulevard, just off Shoreline Boulevard. Unfortunately, only a few cars can be parked at the top of the stairs. The street area is located along Shoreline Boulevard and across the street from Santa Cruz Boulevard.

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