Fishermans Beach

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Fisherman’s Beach is the last beach you reach along Avila Beach Drive as you drive away from the town of Avila Beach. Locals call it Dog Beach because dogs are allowed to roam freely here.
Day parking is located on the roadside outside the camping area. There are self-catering campsites behind and beside the beach. Across the street is a monument to fishermen bearing the names of those lost at sea. The Port St. Louis Dock is close to the beach and features coffee shops, beer bars, ice cream parlors and more. At the historic Harford Pier (Port St. Louis Pier), you’ll find the Olde Port Inn restaurant, which has some public parking. No license required to fish from the pier. Even if you’re just enjoying the view of Port St. Louis, the surrounding mountains, and Avila Beach, the walk from Fisherman’s Beach to the end of the pier is worth it.

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