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Toro Creek Beach, also known Morro Bay Dog Beach, sits between the north and south of Morro Strand State Beach between Morro Bay and Cayucos, California. This kilometer-long beach is often referred to as “dog beach” because dogs can roam freely on this stretch of beach.

Toro Creek Beach is a wide stretch of sand, although winter storms can take the sand away, resulting in a more rocky beach. Highway 1 and Dune Bank are just behind the beach. An off the beaten path winds its way through the top of the dunes, offering beautiful photo opportunities along the way. The nearly 600-foot-tall Morro Rock is clearly visible to the south, and if you look closely, the Cayucos Pier is far north.

Ample parking is available on Highway 1 between Toro Creek Road and Toro Creek Bridge.

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