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Miramar Beach is located opposite Mirada Road in the Miramar neighborhood of Half Moon Bay. Near to the beach, there’s a park known as Mirada Surf West( an area formerly called Vallejo Beach) and contains a portion of the California Coastal Trail that heads north and south for bikers, runners, and trampers.

To get then, turn onto Magellan or Medio Avenue and look for free parking spaces along the thoroughfares. A small fund of flaxen sand exists below the footbridge where Arroyo de en Medio Creek flows intermittently to the ocean.
To get to Miramar Beach, find parking spaces near the crossroad of Mirada Rd and Medio Ave or look for legal parking spots south of the footbridge. The access to the beach is located behind the footbridge where a steep path descends to the creek. From there you walk under the bridge to the sand.

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