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Altona beach is a popular spot for dog owners, due to its shallow waters and wide expanse of beach during low tide. This Off Leash area is perfect for dogs to socialize and play. The beach also offers beautiful views of the city of Altona, Williamstown, and Port Phillip Bay. The beach is located next to Altona Sports Club and near Seaholme railway station. It is also accessible through the Bay Trail West shared path.

The beach also offers nearby attractions such as the Kororoit Creek and the southernmost mangroves in the world. The walk along the beach is filled with streams and puddles, so it’s recommended to wear either gumboots or go barefoot. The beach is also a great spot for rock collecting and viewing the remains of an old shipwreck. The Cheetham wetlands located nearby are also a highlight with large numbers of birds visiting during spring and summer, including birds from Siberia.

Please note that the dog beach may have restrictions in place during the warmer months and there are on-lead areas within the precinct that must be respected. It is important to practice responsible pet management and observe the on-lead signage. Also, be mindful of the unique conservation areas near the beach, which are home to unique mangroves and thousands of migratory birds.

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