Picnic Beach

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Picnic Beach is a whopping 7km long dog friendly beach that runs from the south side of Point Drummond, all the way to the northern most Convention beach.
There is a car park on the northern end of the beach, which can be accessed via Point Dummond.
Waves on the northern side are generally less than 1m in height and more suited if you just want to take your pup for a nice stroll on the beach. The southern end has much higher waves and a 300 m wide rip dominated surf zone, which is not ideal for swimming or for dogs.
The beach is backed by active sand dunes up to 2 km wide, with farmland further inland, and 160 m high Mount Drummond in the south.
It’s also a great spot for fishing with both persistent rip holes, as well as more sheltered rock fishing in lee of the point.

Note that Picnic Beach has no facilities.

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