Parrot Friendly Hotels – What You Need To Know

Pet Friendly is usually associated with dogs or cats, but what about your feathered friend. Can they come along too? Luckily due to the growing competition, many hotels now days do offer bird friendly accommodation. Here we have put together some info and tips on finding a bird friendly hotel, as well as what you need to keep in mind when planning a hotel stay.

Finding Bird Friendly Hotels

First off, you need to start your planning by searching for a pet friendly hotel. Check out our listed accommodations where you can filter for bird friendly accommodation providers. It’s also always a good idea to double check with the hotel and make sure that their pet policy is still the same as stated (give them a call, send an email or fill out an enquiry from), as some hotels update their policies and this may not always be reflected everywhere on the web.

Pet Fees

The pet fee mount will vary between hotels. Some hotels charge on a per night per pet basis whilst some may charge per accommodation unit. In general, you should plan for about $25 – $50 per night. Considering that fees vary, it is worth doing your research and comparing hotels to suit your budget. Also make sure to double check the pet fees with the hotel directly, as they may change from time to time.

Note: When searching our pet friendly accommodation listings, you can filter accommodation with and without a pet fee.

Pet Policy

Make sure you thoroughly read through and understand the pet policy. This is extremely important and may ultimately effect your decision on whether or not the hotel is right for you and your feathered friend. Most hotels will outline any rules and conditions including whether birds are allowed to be left unattended, whether they are allowed on furniture and beds, whether they are allowed in certain areas of the building, any fees that may apply to not following the rules e.g.
Make sure you review the pet policy clearly and be prepared to sign it when you check in.


Make sure to pack lots of stimuli to keep your bird busy! Pack your birds favorite toys, food, treats and snacks as well as their transportable cage, bird stand and a spray bottle for misting. Also be sure to pack cleaning equipment such as newspaper, sponges, rubbish bags and a dustpan.

Important things to remember

Birds are much more sensitive than dogs and cats. Unfortunately some hotels may not be aware and potentially provide you with a room that is not safe for your bird at all. That’s why you need to make sure that you consider the following when planning a stay in a hotel with your feathered friend.

Smoke and Nicotine Odors
Both these can be fatal for your bird. Make sure you check with the hotel that you are getting a non-smoking room!

Air Fresheners
Air fresheners contain toxic substances and many chemicals which are toxic to your bird. Make sure you check with the hotel that there are no air fresheners in the room.

No Housekeeping/Cleaning Services Please!
Hotels use commercial industrial strength cleaning products, most of which are highly toxic to your bird. Make sure you let reception know that you do not wish to have your room cleaned, or if they can let know before cleaning so that you can remove your bird from the room.

Do Not Disturb
Birds can be quite frighted and startled by new people, and it doesn’t help when they are in a new and unfamiliar environment. Do yourself and your bird a favour by hanging up the “Do Not Disturb” sign out front of your hotel room.

Stoves, Hair Dryers, Irons and Other Heating Appliances
Keep in mind that some ironing board covers, irons and other heating appliances such as heating lamps, electric heaters, hair dryers and coffee machines have the same compound PTFE (like Teflon) on some of their parts. Please do not iron in the hotel room or use any of these appliances as the fumes could potentially be fatal to your bird.


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