Packing For Travels With Your Pooch

Taking your fur baby with you on your travels requires extra organisation and packing, which often leads to us forgetting things that we swore we wouldn’t! This guide will inform you of what you need to pack for your pup when planning a trip, along with a few handy tips and tricks.


Pack your familiar brand of dry or wet food. Also ensure you pack plenty of drinking water for your pooch. Food and water bowls are also a must. If your running short on space, some collapsible bowls may come in handy.

Whilst on travels and at least 24 hours before, try to refrain from feeding your dog any new foods as this may led to an upset stomach, and you certainly don’t want that happening whether it be in the car or in your chosen pet friendly accommodation.

Bedding & Crate

Pack blankets, dog bed and crate!
Whether you fur baby is more of a “I’ll sleep wherever you sleep” dog or whether they have that special doggy bed which they love to pieces, it is a good idea to pack some extra blankets with, in addition to their own doggy bed and crate. Dogs find comfort in familiar smells, so it is also a good idea to take an unwashed blanket with you.

Take note that some pet friendly accommodation providers don’t allow dogs on their beds. For those of you whose with fur babies that love to sleep on the bed, this may be a problem. Make sure you double check with the accommodation provider as some do let dogs sleep on the bed aslon you put an extra blanket onto of their provided blankets.
There is always the other option of letting your pup sleep in the crate overnight and placing it next to your bed, which will provide extra comfort and reassurance. Check out our pet friendly accommodation options here.

First Aid Kit

It is advisable to always have a first aid kit in your car. If you already have one, double check all supplies. If you don’t have one, please do go and buy one as a first aid kit may come in handy, especially if you’re travelling in remote areas or going camping. Make sure to have tweezers to remove any foreign objects such as splinters or ticks, saline wash, bandages, tape, scissors, alcohol wipes and stypic powder for toenail bleeding.

Cleaning Gear

There is a saying always be prepared for the worst and in the case of traveling with pets, it’s a bit like travelling with kids. Anything could happen. That’s why it is important to be prepared for any mishaps i.e vomiting, upset stomachs, peeing in the car e.g.
Be sure to pack plenty of poo bags, wet wipes for cleaning up any messes, towels, doggy shampoo, brushes e.g. A hair dryer may also come in handy if your pup has long fur.

Collars, Leashes & Tags


Make sure to pack t least 2 sets of collars, leashes and harnesses! It’s always good to have a backup, in case your dog chews through one of them or they break, get misplaced, or become dirty. Ensure your pup has a tag on their collar with your name and contact details so that if you ever get separated, whoever finds your pup will be able to get in touch with you.

Health Records


Make sure you pack all health records as these may be asked for at pet friendly accommodations, parks or any other pet friendly venues. They are also necessary in case your need to visit a vet during your travels. A simple yet safe and water proof way of storing your documents is in a sip lock bag and then placing them in the passenger seat storage compartment.

Toys & Treats

Pet Supplies

Keeping your fur baby entertained whilst traveling is a must so make sure you pack your pups favorite doggy toys and treats. Treats will come in handy if you ever have to leave your pup unattended in your accommodation (if permitted) or in the car (keep windows open and park in the shade!).
If you planning on going to a off-leach doggy park or the beach make sure to pack a couple of balls, just in case any go missing or are taken by other eager pooches.

Other important things you should pack

Depending on your pups needs, you may need to pack other things such as health supplements, medications, toothbrush and toothpaste, clothing, shoes e.g.


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