How Can Dogs Help Us Deal With Anxiety & Depression?

Did you know that one in every fourteen adults suffers from a mental disease and that this figure is rapidly rising? Mental health concerns can arise from everyday emotions, experiences, disorders, fear, illness, and problems. 

One of the core causes of mental health difficulties is anxiety and over thinking, which can lead to depression and other psychological ailments.

If you suffer from anxiety and overthinking, you are not alone. It’s a common problem that many people face daily. But the main cause of these mental health issues is loneliness; people want a shoulder to lean on and need someone who cheers their moods.

Of course, they need someone loyal to them, and who can be more loyal than a dog?

Dogs have always been devoted friends and good companions who can lift our moods and help us deal with anxiety and depression.

All these cute dog things, such as CavaPoo Haircuts, make us feel good. Want to know how dogs help humans in dealing with mental issues? Then read the article!


Researchers have found physical evidence of pets’ positive effects on mental health. Playing and interacting with pets reduces stress hormones and raises the Serotonin and Dopamine hormones in humans that relax and calm down the nervous system.

Spending and playing with dogs helps to:

  • Reduce high blood pressure
  • Slow down your heart rate.
  • Breathing becomes normal
  • Muscular Tension relaxed. 

Other research by psychologists is conducted at Miami University and Saint Louis University.

They conduct three experiments on the benefits of pet ownership. Later The American Psychological published the results. 

The studies show that pet owners are more active and have improved well-being and self-esteem, becoming more social, less fearful, and lonely than those who don’t own any pets.

In the first study,217 people were questioned about well-being, attachment style, and personality type, and many people who owned a pet were happier and healthier than non-pet owners.

About 56 dog owners have involved in the second study and experiment. The researchers examined pet owners’ feelings, and one group reported that their dogs increase their feelings of belonging and self-esteem. The dog owner’s participant shows greater well-being than other participants.

In the third study, 97 undergraduates with an average age of 19 participated in this research and were asked to write about one of the three things.

  1. Write about their favorite pet.
  2. Write about their favorite friend.
  3. Draw a map of their campus 

And surprisingly, writing about pets was just as effective as writing about a friend in combating feelings of rejection. Researchers found that pets can help adolescents feel better after experiencing any rejection.

How Dogs Help Us to Cope With Depression And Anxiety 

Following are the ways that dogs help us to fight depression and anxiety. 

Emotional Support

Dogs play with us all day long and do any random activity that brings a smile to our faces. Dog owners perceive bonding with their pets, and this bonding is completely reliable and lovable.

And when a person suffers from depression and anxiety, this perceived bonding acts as a calming source.

A Healthy Routine

Many doctors suggest that people suffering from anxiety and depression should indulge themselves in some activities and set up a healthy routine for their health.

And who can set a healthy routine better than dogs? Dogs are active and playful companions also; they need regular 30 minutes of walk and outdoor activities. A dog makes sure that you go on walks with them.

People suffering from depression or anxiety restrict their routine, which results in lower energy levels, lethargy, and more depression; thus, it’s a good idea to spare a 30-minute walk with your dog to keep yourself active.

Social Circle

People with psychological ailments are less likely to go out and interact with people. Dogs can play the role of social lubricant as dog owners often stop and talk to each other after their dog does some adorable activity in public and grab people’s attention or interact with other pets.


Pets provide a sense of love and togetherness. Being close to a pet makes you feel less lonely. Owners feel kindness, joy, caring, and happiness when they see, touch, hear, or speak to their pet companions.

Stroking a dog or being in close contact with him helps lower blood pressure and relieve anxiety symptoms. Being close to or stroking a dog lowers blood pressure, eases anxiety symptoms, and increases oxytocin levels in the human body. 

A Right Pet

Before enjoying all the above benefits of having dogs by your side, choosing the right breed is essential.

In the first step of choosing a dog as a pet, you have to decide how much time you can give to a dog because if they remain unattended, some breeds of dogs develop separation anxiety in themselves.

The second important thing is training your pet; an older dog will be a better fit if you don’t have much time. But if you want a pet that follows your commands more than adopting a puppy, train it according to your needs.

Adults and puppies will need your time and attention first before they give you a shoulder to lean on. 


Dogs have repeatedly proven to be the best companions of humans; whether you need them on the farm for work or as personal therapists, they are ready to help and protect you at any time.

But make sure you have a little time and love them as well.

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