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Our goal is to make ImPetFriendly.com a resourceful and trustworthy platform for the pet friendly community.

Are you an avid pet lover who wants to contribute to the pet community?We welcome guest posts because they allow us to provide a diverse range of topics and insights for our readers. You can reach out to like-minded individuals and establish credibility for yourself. It’s even better if you have a pet/s yourself as this ends up adding more knowledge to your posts.

How to get started

Contact us with your pitch and we’ll give you the green light if we like it. Just send us an email to info[a]impetfriendly.com

We love guest posts, however we require the submissions to be of a certain standard which includes the following:

Topic: Must be pet related. Our favorite topic is travelling with pets.

Adequate length: Above 700 words please!

Links: We’ll add internal links when we’re editing the post, however your welcome to add some as well.

Images: All posts must include one image early in the introduction, and then one per every 200-300 words. All images must be of good quality, however file size should be kept to a minimum if possible. All images must be either taken by you, you have the rights to use this image, you purchased the image with adequate usage rights or you have permission from the copywriter owner to use the picture on our website. Please note we may do background checks on the images you provide. 

And to ensure your content is published as quickly as possible, please also follow these guidelines:

  • Keep it Family Friendly
  • Keep it original
  • Keep it relevant
  • Respect the privacy of others
  • Make it easy to read

What to expect

Once you send us your draft
Once we’ve reviewed your draft, we’ll review it and let you know if the draft meets our standards.

If your article meets our standards we will let your know and from there you can expect the following:

Your Account: You will need to register on our website so that we can show your bio and social media links on your posts. Simply register to our site and provide your bio and social media links in your account settings.

Edits: We do edit the content to ensure it matches our guide. If we need anything on your end, we’ll let you know. Depending on the level of edits needed, your post could get published within anywhere from 3 days to 1 weeks. We will be in communication about that date so you can know when it’ll get published.

Exposure: You can reach out to like-minded individuals and establish credibility for yourself.

Social promotion: We promote our content on social media regularly. If you’re guest posting for us, you’ll be able to add your bio and links to your social media on your account, which will be visible to all viewers.

We look forward to working with you!

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