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Are you looking for a dog friendly or pet friendly caravan park on the Yorke Peninsula? Great news! Our park allows for small dogs and other pets to stay as long as you are in your own caravan or tent. However, it is important to note that this is subject to the manager’s discretion and must be requested at the time of booking.

In order to ensure that the presence of pets does not interfere with the enjoyment of other guests, we have certain terms and conditions that must be adhered to. These include:

Pets are only permitted on designated sites and within the guest’s own caravan or tent.
Pets are not allowed in the reception/kiosk, amenities, pool, or camp kitchens.
Pets must be kept on a leash at all times within the caravan park.
Any excessive barking or noise must be addressed immediately.
All mess must be cleaned up and disposed of immediately.
Pets should not be left unattended at any time.
A maximum number of pets may be in place.
If you’re interested in making a booking for your pet-friendly stay on the Yorke Peninsula, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 08 8823 2722 to check availability.

What to pack for your pet friendly stay:

Here’s a handy packing list to help you prepare for travel with your furry friend:
Pet bedding and blankets, Leash, Poop bags / pooper scooper, Water bowl, Collar, Dog food, Treats, Medications, Doggy bath, Favourite toy.

Pet Travel Tips

Check vaccinations, flea and tick treatments are up to date
Ensure your pet’s microchip details are up to date
Put an ID tag with your mobile phone number on your pet’s collar in case your pet becomes lost

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Pet Friendly Features

Pet Policy at Wallaroo Beachfront Tourist Park

Basic etiquette for pet owners: Always clean up after your pet both inside and outside the cottage. Keep your pet on a leash or in a secured area while outside. Respect other guests by not allowing your pet to disturb them. Be prepared to take responsibility for any damage caused by your pet. Be mindful of local laws and regulations regarding pets. Keep your pet up to date with vaccinations, as required by local laws.*

Amenities/Property Features

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Send us your photos

Have you been here with your pet? We'd love to hear (and see) your experience! Why not leave a comment below (and some photos), tag us #impetfriendlycom or send us your photos directly!

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